It seems like only yesterday that I opened my longarm machine quilting business.  On every single day of my years in business, something good has happened to help my business grow.  This is a special time for me and for you too.  As you know, in my business, experience counts – the more quality work I do, the more I learn about my customer’s needs and how to serve them best.  My many years of business proves it:  I’m reliable, you can count on me for the highest quality machine quilting and friendly attentive service.  That’s why my Mission is important to you.  The next time you are looking for someone you can count on, someone with the experience to apply beautiful quilting designs to your quilt tops, you will know who to call.  Whenever you are ready, I’m looking forward to having you join my family of satisfied customers who have helped me along the way since 2001.


All of my customers have my sincere thanks for the success I have enjoyed during my years in business.  Looking back over those years, I remember that I promised to give my customers the best service in the business.  Now I’m looking ahead to the next years and beyond as I continue this promise to you.  You’ll always find the best service at American Quilt Works™! 

When I opened American Quilt Works™ in 2001, I thanked you, my loyal customers, for your support.  I owe my success to YOU!  I hope to always be your quilting partner with the privilege of machine quilting your treasured creations.  Quilters are special people and I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community of artistic people.


I opened American Quilt Works™ in 2001 after reading about longarm machines with the plan of having a business to supplement my income into retirement.  Little did I know the adventures I would have!  Along the way, some of my accomplishments include:

·       graduating from Longarm University in 2001

·       becoming a Washington State registered Woman-Owned Business in 2002

·        winning the grant award from International Machine Quilters Association in 2003

·       launching my own website in 2004

·        upgrading my Gammill Longarm with the Intellistitch stitch regulator in 2005

·       celebrating my fifth anniversary in 2006  and my tenth anniversary in 2011

What does the future hold for American Quilt Works™ in the years ahead?   I will always continue to provide my customers with the best quality workmanship and service for their machine quilting needs by continuing to take classes and hands-on workshops to hone my skills.  Thank you for your continued business and support!  And check out my “then and now” photos. 


Following are only some of the important reasons you should consider having your quilting done by a professional longarm quilter:

bullet Quilt is completed faster so you can enjoy your creation sooner
bullet Results are very attractive & more detailed than hand quilting
bullet Workmanship is highly specialized
bullet Longarm quilting requires continuous training, practice & upgrading of skills
bullet Equipment requires a lot of space and is a very expensive investment


Here are seven health benefits to having us machine quilt for you instead of doing the hand quilting yourself:

  1. Avoid back pain from crawling around on the floor or bending over a table to baste your top
  2. Prevent needle pricks to your fingers
  3. Reduce eyestrain
  4. Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome to your wrists
  5. Avoid anxiety to have consistently small stitches
  6. No stress to finish your project on time
  7. Have time to relax and make more quilt tops!


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