Dear Friends Hoping you have spent many hours of inspirational quilting.  I have been busy in the studio working on beautiful quilts for my customers and doing some charity quilting also.    


            I had the fortunate opportunity of quilting several tops for this non-profit organization, which makes patriotic quilts for our injured troops returning home from war through Madigan Army Medical Hospital and other military hospitals. 

How you can help: donate fabric, cash donations, make quilt tops or finished quilts.  Visit their website for more information.

          If you send me a top with backing fabric and batting which you have made for this organization, I will do the longarm quilting in a simple design and ship it to American Hero Quilts at no charge.   They will have someone do the finish work and credit the maker and quilter.

          Please consider donating to this worthy organization as your way of supporting our troops!



Since beginning my in 2001, I have met the nicest people and have been fortunate to see so many beautiful quilts enter my studio.  All of them are a piece of art and a joy to machine quilt into family heirlooms. 

I have made quilts for over 40 years so can appreciate the hard work that goes into making each masterpiece.  Customers can be assured of knowing their quilt will be in the best of care while in my studio.

A special thanks goes out to all my loyal customers for your continued business. 


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Here are some of the benefits of having me do the longarm quilting on your quilt:

1.    Quality:  Having the quilt completed faster and better.

2.    ROI (return on your investment):  How much is your personal time worth to send out your quilt so you can have more CREATIVE time to make quilts?  

3.    Value is Added – longarm machine quilting can be densely quilted for long lasting beauty

4.    Years of Experience – I will give you my best workmanship gained from years of  experience and skill

5.    Make it Easy – having me do your longarm quilting is easier than quilting on your home machine, not to mention the additional wear and tear to your equipment and body!



If your quilt needs to be laundered, please DO NOT take it to a dry cleaner!  If all materials have been pre-washed, your quilt can be machine washable.  You may wash it by hand or in a gentle cycle using a fine laundry cleaner.  There are products available specifically for quilts and vintage fabrics.  Tumble in gentle cycle or line dry as flat as possible.

Wallhangings can be vacuumed gently with an upholstery attachment.  Be especially careful to protect delicate fabrics and stitching.

Please try to keep your quilt out of direct or indirect sunlight for any length of time to prevent fading.  This can create irreparable damage.  This will prolong the life of your quilt.

If you plan to store your quilt, DO NOT place it in a plastic bag of any kind.  Allow your quilt to “breath” by rolling it in acid free tissue paper or in a pillowcase, then storing it in a safe place at room temperature.  Lavender buds can be used to repel insects.

If you plan to hang your quilt, do not do so for longer than three months as the weight of the quilt while hanging can cause stress to the fabric and stitches

          Most importantly, take the best care of your quilt.  It is your Family Heirloom to be passed on for future generations to enjoy!



 Me & My Niece Katie – Hand Quilting April 1988


Catherine Kessel 


Phone:  360-658-1086

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