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  Here are some things to consider before delivering or shipping your quilt to our Studio.  Use this as your "Checklist":

       What is your budget?  We offer payment plans to help spread out the cost.

       When is your deadline?  Our lead time is 2-3 weeks but if you need it sooner, we will do our best to accommodate, depending on workload.  Otherwise, additional charges may apply.

       What pattern or style of quilting do you desire?  We offer economy, pantograph, freehand  and custom quilting.  Think about your pattern choice.  Refer to our page "Pantograph Design Catalog".

       How much quilting (density) do you desire?  We use a "density scale" of 1 being "puffy" to 5 being very "flat".

       What thread color would you like?  Think about contrast to your quilt fabrics and whether you would like variegated.

       What type of batting?  We sell Hobbs 80/20 Premium Heirloom Batting.  If you provide your own batting, we will not use the brand that pulls apart like cotton candy.

       Will you do your own binding?  We offer "half" or full machine binding services at a cost to save your time.

See the FAQ tab to calculate your quilt dimensions and answer any other questions you may have. See below for instructions to prepare your top and backing for machine quilting.


$ENSIBLE Economy ALL OVER©                                                                       .01 sq inch              Very simple meandering designs in one thread color at an Economical Cost.  Prices range from under $50 for Crib size to $121 for King size 

FREEHAND ALL OVER OR PANTOGRAPH                                                            .02 sq inch            Simple interlocking and repeating designs requiring very few starts and stops and limited thread change.  Prices range from  $54 for Crib size to $242 for King size  See the page Pantograph Catalog for over 70 design choices

CUSTOM (Freehand)                                                                                         .04 sq inch            Includes two or more patterns plus stabilizing the top and limited thread change. May require resizing designs to fit your quilt. Incorporates use of stencils, templates, tracings, etc to execute the designs.  Stitch in the Ditch is only used to define BORDERS and stabilize top.  Prices range from $81 for Crib size to $363 for King size.

HEIRLOOM (Freehand)                                                                                      .05 sq inch              Consider this category for show quilts.  Heavily Quilted, Requires several starts & stops.  May involve several thread changes.  Intricate Designs including: Stitch-in-the-Ditch, Outline, Diagonal and Grid Lines, Background Fillers, Intricate Feathers, Etc.  Prices range from $135 for Crib size to $605 for King size.

See our Facebook page for pictures with samples of these quilt styles



Fabrics do not have to be pre-washed only if you are concerned about any fabrics that could bleed and spread into your quilt.  However, batiks should be washed as this fabric has residue from the dye process


Trim Up Square - how you bring it in is how it will come back to you


All Seams Secured (especially along the edges) and ironed flat as best you can


Trim off all loose threads from top and back;  leaving any loose threads will create "varicose veins"


Borders must be flat; if your borders are "flared" or "wavy", we cannot guarantee your quilt will be square after it is quilted or without puckers


Do not pin or baste quilt layers together (they are loaded on the machine separately)


Mark the top or back if design is directional




Must be squared and ironed from wrinkles to load properly in machine.  You can iron your seams flat.


Fabrics do not have to be pre-washed only if you are concerned about any fabrics that could bleed and spread into your quilt.  However, batiks backings should be washed as this fabric has residue from the dye process


If backing is not at least 6” larger than top all the way around, I reserve the right to refuse it.  This is VERY CRITICAL to ensure the best workmanship is applied to your quilt otherwise, we cannot guarantee the workmanship on your quilt if there is not enough backing to work with.


Avoid serged seams


Trim off selvage before piecing


If using a sheet, it should be larger than the quilt top, new, pre-washed and all hems removed.


If sending Minky or Fleece for backing, it MUST BE 8" larger all around than your top


WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SOLID FABRICS FOR THE BACKING.  It is highly recommended you choose a very busy print for your backing that compliments the fabric in the quilt top.  This will help  to hide any irregularities in the machine quilting.



bulletWe provide Hobbs Brand 80/20 Cotton/Poly Premium Heirloom Batting at .003 sq inch (finished product has a flat appearance).  You can provide your own batting as long as it is not the brand that falls apart like cotton candy. These products do not allow us to guarantee the workmanship on your valued quilts. 



We will only provide machine binding.


·        Width + Length x 2 x fee as follows:

·    Backing Fabric to Front or Front Fabric to Back = .25 inch machine stitched Prices range from $53 and Up.  

·    Full Binding: Strip sewn to Back & Machine Stitched to Front Side = .30 inch  Prices range from $63 and Up. 

·    Half Binding©: Strip sewn to Front & Customer finishes to Other Side = .20 inch  Prices range from $42 and Up. 

·    Custom Binding (Curved or Scalloped Edges or Fancy Treatments) = .50 inch Prices range from $105 and Up.

If you choose to have us apply your binding fabric,

you will need to provide at least 1 yard of your own fabric pre-washed & ironed (100% cotton is preferred).




·        Pre-wash and Press Top or Backing $25

·        Piece & Press Backing $15 per Seam

·        Fixing Repairs $35 per hour

·         Machine Basting for Hand Quilters $50 Any Size Quilt

·        Make & Attach Sleeves to Back for Hanging $50

·        Labels for Documentation applied to Back of Quilt $15

·        Other services are charged a flat fee of $35 per hour





·        Shipping & Handling Charges $25 for out of State; $15 for Washington state

·        Expediting Charge $50 - to meet your special deadline of 1 day.  We can usually accommodate your schedule without charge.

·        Gift Certificates are available in any amount

·        Lay-Away Plans also available




Full payment is due upon completion of work and must be paid in advance of delivery or shipment of quilt.   You can pay a deposit when you drop off or ship your quilt and pay the balance upon delivery to you.  We accept money orders, checks or cash.

$25 Charge for Returned Checks

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice




I am available for Consulting to answer your Quiltmaking or Longarm Questions.

Consulting - "Mini" Lessons available in designing, drafting, color theory, fabric selection, hand and machine piecing, hand appliqué (my specialty), constructing the top, mitering borders, hand quilting, binding and finishing.

Call my Studio to set up an appointment.

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